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Prosthetic Experts

Prosthetic technology is advancing at an incredible rate. We stay current with the latest trends, techniques and materials to create the most appropriate and medically necessary device for our patients. Research and development has created prosthetic components one could only imagine a few short years ago. Lighter materials and the latest in-motion technology (along with our knowledge and experience) allow us to help our patients improve their lives. Whether your goal is to walk into church on Sunday, or run a triathlon on Saturday - both are equally important to us.



We provide continuing education to physical and occupational therapists about prosthetic technology and treating those affected with limb loss. If you are a therapist, please contact us to schedule a course!



We work closely with physicians and surgeons to ensure the entire rehabilitation team is on the same page. We enjoy speaking at Grand Rounds and medical conferences to share our expertise and experiences. Please contact us if you want to learn more about our lectures.



Do you have a question about your prostheses? It is so important that patients take an active role in their rehabilitation. Please contact us with any questions. We want to hear from you!

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Complete brochures for AK/BK Patient Education are available via mail or email. Please click below to send us an email requesting the full brochure!

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